“World’s Ugliest Car” – Mitsouka Orochi – is Officially Dead


It's such a sad story that this car almost deserves a pity-ride.

While America was lucky enough to see and hear very littleabout this car in its eight years of existence, the Mitsouka Orochi did manageto gain a global reputation for itself over that time. Above all, it has beenoverwhelmingly dubbed “the ugliest car in the world,” a title that certainlyprovides it with some memorability. The Orochi, designed by the Japaneseautomaker that usually sticks to safer ground by knocking off others’ designs, was first introduced in 2006.

The Orochi was unveiled as a limited edition, 400-unitseries. However, it seems that even fewer were actually bought and manufactured. Allthose models were powered by a 233-horsepower, 3.3-liter Toyota V6 engine. Asa last attempt before it closes its doors in September, Mitsouka will put out a five-unit ‘Final Edition’ in additionto three units painted in gold and pearl. Whether anyone decides to pity the company and actually buy one of these, Japan's worst design nightmare will soon draw to a close.

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