Will Hyundai Smash Its Cheap Car Image With A Supercar?


Lexus made the LFA its halo car, but will Hyundai’s Genesis follow suit?

After Dieselgate, VW lost its spot as #1 automaker in the world to Toyota. Aside from the bestselling Corolla, Toyota’s wildly successful Lexus brand has helped the Japanese automaker secure the top spot. But now Hyundai wants a part of the action and it's doing this by cultivating its Genesis luxury brand. We that the Genesis G70 and G90 bring the South Korean automaker on par with German luxury offerings, but if luxury is on its mind, why did Hyundai an executive from Lamborghini?

If Peter Schreyer, chief design officer for Genesis, is to be believed, then Hyundai may be the next automaker to be offering a supercar, explaining why talent from Lamborghini would be useful. This might not sound as crazy as it seems. Lexus made the LFA to be the halo car of the brand, showcasing just what kind of engineering muscle they are working with. If Genesis does the same, it finally break the cheap car image that the public has about Hyundai and ensure the brand is taken more seriously. Schreyer told Motoring that a rear-drive supercar is still some time away, but if it’s anywhere as the Lexus LFA, then we can wait.

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