Why Is This Slammed And Rusty As Hell BMW At SEMA?

Rat Rod

Its name is “Rusty Slammington,” and it’s pure awesome.

We didn’t expect an , fire-surviving E28 BMW to be one of our favorite cars at SEMA 2015. Of course stranger things have happened and this is SEMA we're talking about. The owner of this highly customized Bimmer is named Mike Burroughs, and he’s seen the car go through a ton of abuse and a fire that almost destroyed the vehicle completely back in 2011. Fortunately, he decided to rebuild it, while adding a ton of performance mods. So, just what did he add to this p.o.s. in disguise? We thought you'd never ask.

He dropped in an inline-six engine from an E34 M5 BMW and added an inboard pushrod suspension which allows the car to handle great even while putting out just under 500 hp. This car also features a crazy staggered wheel setup. The front wheels are 16” and the rear wheels are 19”. The Army/Navy hose connectors on this BMW are also a nice touch, but this car can be pretty polarizing in general. The owner of this rusty BMW runs Stance Works, which is reflected in the aggressive stance of this car. The BBS Wheels currently on the car at SEMA are just one set of many the owner has had on, behind which are housed Wilwood brakes.

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