Why Is The Porsche 918 Weissach So Much Better Than A Standard 918?


If there was such a thing as a "regular" Porsche 918.

Both McLaren and Ferrari offer the P1 and LaFerrari in standard guise and in track-only variants for the sadists who don’t think that the “regular” versions are enough. However, Porsche is missing a track-only version of the 918, but they by selling the 918 with a Weissach package that is supposed to strip the car of every comfortable amenity like the air conditioning, radio, and even the door handles to save 88 pounds of weight. Now the question is: Is axing all these features in the name of performance worth it?

Listen to YouTube supercar owner describe the differences between the standard Porsche 918 and the 918 with the Weissach package as well as for why wealthy drivers should buy it.

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