Why Did This BMW M5 Burst Into Flames Without Warning?

BMW M Evolution

Rather than jump out as soon as the car caught fire, the driver sped off.

Remember the opening Cuba street race in Fate of the Furious in which Dominic Toretto played by Vin Diesel continued to ? Well, someone in Russia has tried to re-enact that scene in a . Filmed from a helmet cam, footage shows the driver of the M5 challenging a bunch of bikers to a random street race, only to be left for dust. While waiting at the next intersection, a fire suddenly erupts underneath the sports coupe without warning, much to the surprise of the owner.

But rather than doing the sensible thing in this situation and leap out for dear life, the driver speeds off as the Beemer continues to burn. You can imagine the sense of panic they must have felt which probably explains their kneejerk reaction - even if it defies logic. As the fire engulfs the hood and spreads throughout the car, the driver eventually sees sense, pulls over and jumps out.

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Miraculously, he wasn’t injured in the blaze. Passers-by quickly rushed to his aid to help extinguish the flames raging under the hood. "We were sitting with my friend on a terrace on Lenina street, when the object passed by," a witness said in a report by the . "I had the noise in my head for another 10 minutes after. The child from a table nearby started crying." Exactly what caused the BMW to randomly burst into flames isn’t known, and neither is the extent of the damage. Anyone want to guess the repair bill?



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