Who Will Pay THIS MUCH For A Bentley Continental Convertible?!

For Sale

Even if it looks THIS cool?!

The Bentley Continental Convertible is a pretty cool car. Driving around cocooned in class and luxury, instinctively distinguishable looks and powerful performance from 500 hp to nearly 600 hp from its V8 or W12 engines makes it one of the best cars to drive around Beverly Hills. If you think that the Bentley Continental Convertilble is just not good enough, Startech is there for you. Startech makes already luxurious and stunning cars more badass like its Jaguar F-Type Coupe and Range Rover Evoque.

Funny enough, there is a Bentley Continental with a Startech body kit for sale in Switzerland’s Sahli & Frei AG dealership and it looks amazing. The cruiser looks menacing in black with its body kit consisting of a new front fascia, wheels, rear diffuser and interior with lime green and carbon-fiber accents. However, it’s the price that shocked us the most. With less than 10 miles on the clock, the car is being sold for almost HALF A MILLION dollars! Yes, you get a Bentley Continental GT Convertible with a sick body kit, custom interior and low miles but is it really worth $100,000 more than the Continental GT3-R for sale? Let us know in the comments.

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