Who's The Mystery Artist Of This Spy Photo-Based C8 Corvette Sketch?

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An internal GM leak or just a Corvette super fan?

Although a Chevrolet spokeswoman personally denied it to this writer, the rumors about the C8 Corvette premiering next month at Detroit are still there. At this point, based on everything we know, it’s a 50-50 percent chance we’ll be seeing the C8 in Detroit. Chevrolet prefers to focus on the C7 ZR-1 launch for now, but C8 development is very much in the advanced stages. We’ve learned and have seen of test mules, and now someone has created this C8 production version sketch based on one of those photos.

A member of the forum, “HUBBSTER”, posted the image but provided no details as to where it came from. Heck, the poster could be the artist. It could even be an internal GM sketch that someone managed to sneak out of the office. Anything is possible. Also included here are created by others with mixed results. . Looking more closely at that sketch, we can see it’s unmistakably mid-engined and has many familiar Corvette styling bits, such as the headlights and the rear glass. Regardless whether it’s real or not, it’s an excellent interpretation of a vehicle covered in camouflage.

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We can’t wait to see what Chevrolet has in store for its beloved sports car which is about to be taken to an entirely new level of performance, handling and overall sophistication. Even if it were to appear in concept form at Detroit, Chevrolet would likely steal the show.


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