What's So Special About This Bright Red McLaren P1?


Apart from the obvious.

Production of the McLaren P1 , and in the almost three years since the car was unveiled back in March 2013 we have seen an array of spectacular one-off models (). While it must make owners feel special knowing their million-dollar ride is a one-off, 90% of P1 owners have customized their hypercars, with McLaren Special Operations applying bespoke bodywork or, as in the case of chassis #200, giving it a special paint job.

Wearing a unique “Junaid Flame” body paint (according to owner Fahad Junaid, after whom the color has been named, this is the only bright red P1 from the factory), the stunning P1 resides in Bahrain. This is where these beautiful pictures were taken by talented photographer Ali Haji, who accentuated the fire red color using actual fire as a unique backdrop. Check out his work at his or .

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