Welcome to BMW's Egotisitcal Lair


There's just no other appropriate description for something like this.

BMW has no bounds when it comes to showing its over-inflated sense of self-worth. Then we saw this newly released video by the automaker itself and, well, it’s somehow surpassed BMW’s already high ranking on the douchebaggery scale. Now, we’re not at all making fun of BMW’s cars (with the exception of the horrendous X6), just with how the company likes to often portray itself. Instead of opting for a Mercedes-Benz, this couple opted to go with a new BMW 4 Series. A very fine car we’re sure, but BMW surprised them with the red carpet treatment. Why?

Because they posted on Facebook about their decision to switch from a Mercedes to a BMW. Obviously BMW liked that enough to invite them to Germany for a private serenade that included a VIP room, violins, flowers and a host of all kinds of additional cheesiness for the unveiling of their new car.

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