We Finally Know What The Next BMW i Model Will Be Called

2018 Geneva Motor Show

Although BMW didn't make a very big deal about it.

The i models were interesting entries in the BMW lineup, but the i3 and i8 were both strange in their own ways. The i3 looked a bit odd and the i8 was too expensive for most people. What the i Division needs is a conventional model to appeal to average car buyers. BMW has Concept, which will evolve to be the next i model. We knew the i Vision Dynamics would eventually enter production, but we did not know what its production name would be. At BMW's 2018 Geneva Motor Show press conference, we finally found out.

Almost as if it wasn't even important to note, BMW CEO Harald Kruger used the name i4 when describing BMW's electric future. Kruger said “By 2025, our global vehicle portfolio will include 25 fully or part-electric models. At last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, we unveiled our take on the future of e-mobility with the BMW i Vision Dynamics. This vehicle will become reality: we will build it in Munich as the BMW i4.” This was a huge piece of news to reveal so casually at the end of a press statement. This name may not be set in stone, but for now we can expect the next BMW i model to be called the i4, not the i5 as we previously expected.

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It is also important to note the i4 will be built in BMW's Munich headquarters, which indicates the automaker's dedication to build its most important models in Germany. BMW could use the i4 Gran Coupe name and the model could potential replace the 4 Series Gran Coupe, although this is all speculation. When the i Vision Dynamics was revealed at Frankfurt, BMW promised a driving range of over 370 miles and a 0-62 mph time of around four seconds. The i4 sounds like the conventional model we have been waiting for from the BMW i Division.