We Can Forget About A Full-On Nissan-Mitsubishi Merger


But what about a new pickup truck for the US?

Mitsubishi rescuing it following revelations that the former cheated on Japanese emissions tests years ago. Nissan and now paid $2.3 billion for a 34 percent stake in the troubled automaker for many reasons, one of which is to expand global market reach. There have been some who think Nissan has a long-term plan for a full-on Nissan-Mitsubishi merger. Not happening, according to Ghosn himself. quotes Ghosn as saying that "a full merger is not on the table."

“We want Mitsubishi to reform itself.” The remarks were made at the opening ceremony of a new Mitsubishi production facility outside of Jakarta, Indonesia, a vital region for the brand. Aside from reforming Mitsubishi, such as its cultural and product lineup, we can likely expect to see a for Southeast Asia. We also know Mitsubishi wouldn’t mind returning to the US truck market at some point, so it’s also possible that the new truck platform could be engineered for a global market as well. Full merger or not, we still think the best way for these two brands to help one another is in the pickup truck department, and we really hoping the US will benefit from that at some point down the line.

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