Watch The World's Fastest Dodge Demon Hit 203 MPH


A different set of tires and shutting off the speed limiter are key.

Out of the box, the . Want to go faster? No problem. Simply install the Powertrain Control Module (PCM), part of the Demon Crate, and that speed limiter is immediately removed. But how fast can the Demon go if it’s wearing a different set of tires? That’s exactly what a Demon owner wanted to know. According to , the owner not only removed that electronic limiter, but also opted for a set of Pirelli P Zero tires instead of the Nitto drag radials.

It’s amazing what a couple of minor alterations can do here. The owner then headed to the 2.3-mile Johnny Bohmer Proving Ground in Florida on February 10. Another good thing to know about the Demon Crate PCM is that it also allows for the use of 100-octane fuel, enabling the V8’s full horsepower to come out.

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All 840 ponies. The owner verified his 203-mph run with Tag Heuer professional timing equipment. Also interesting is that the owner did some test runs with the standard issue Nittos and once he exceeded 170 mph, handling became an issue. In response to that 203 mph run, Dodge clarified in a statement to that “It’s the customer’s responsibility to equip the vehicle with the correct speed rated tires for their use above the speed rating of 168 mph.”



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