Watch A Taxi Smash Into The Side Of A Lamborghini Aventador In Mexico


For once, the owner of the supercar wasn’t to blame for the accident.

Normally when we report on a supercar that’s been reduced to scrap metal in an accident, the fault lies with the owner in most cases whether it’s through inexperience, , or . This accident was a rare exception in which a Lamborghini Aventador suffered serious damage after being hit by a taxi, causing around $38,000 worth of damage. In Mexico, a taxi driver attempted to turn around on an intersection but failed to see the exotic supercar approaching.

CCTV footage shows that speed wasn’t to blame for this accident. In fact, it wouldn’t have been wise for the Lamborghini driver to break the speed limit since it was travelling behind a police car. The taxi driver blindly makes a left turn into the path of the Aventador, slamming into the side of the supercar. The impact causes the taxi to spin wildly out of control.

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The driver of the Lamborghini, on the other hand, keeps the supercar in check. Both cars were heavily damaged in the crash, but the taxi came off far worse and will surely be a write off. A photo shows that the front fascia was completely ripped off in the impact, while the Lamborghini’s front wheel was buckled and the side is severely dented, with a damaged door, side skirt and quarter panels. While there’s no permanent damage that would have have sent the supercar to an early grave, repairing the Aventador won’t be cheap but at least it’s salvageable. More importantly, both drivers only suffered minor injuries according to local media .

Despite having footage that clearly shows the taxi driver caused the crash, the good-hearted driver of the Lamborghini excused the taxi driver from paying for the damage.