Watch A LaFerrari Aperta Get Detailed In An Insanely Cool Garage


And it's not the only rare Ferrari parked inside.

Limited to , Aperta in their garage. Powered by a V12 engine with an electric motor and KERS technology, it generates a total of 949 hp. How many of these few owners will actually drive their LaFerraris is unknown, but at least we know all of the cars are (likely) being taken care, just like this particular example. Auto detailer was recently tasked with detailing this extremely rare Ferrari in its owner’s garage.

This isn’t just any garage, by the way. No, it’s an 8,500 square facility on four floors that took three years to build. It also features a lounge, an elevator, and custom woodwork consisting of 100 sculptures representing the history of transportation.

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And because its owner is a serious Ferrari fan and, obviously, owner, there’s a Cavallino mounted on the wall that used to be on the gates of the original Ferrari factory. And because this isn’t just any ordinary Ferrari collector, the garage is also home to a hardtop LaFerrari, 288 GTO, F40 and Enzo. Yes, be jealous. Then again, it’s something to aim high for one day.