Want A Bugatti Chiron? Here Are Four You Can Buy Right Now

For Sale

Plus a special surprise.

Imagine you've just won the lottery. What would be among the first things you'd do with your newfound wealth? If you're reading these words, chances are pretty good that you'd buy yourself a fancy new set of wheels. Something like, say, a . The trouble is that hypercars like the Chiron are back-ordered for months, if not years, and take a long time to build. So even if you managed to get yourself on the waiting list, you'd likely be waiting a pretty long time. And that won't do when you want your new hypercar now.

Fortunately there are some (though not many) examples of the Chiron up for grabs on the second-hand market. Like these four – with one bonus vehicle – that are .

There's one red and black 2018 model (with a black interior), for example, for €2,875,000 (or about $3.25 million at current exchange rates) with just 400 miles on the clock. A has a 2017 example (with unspecified mileage) in two tones of blue over light brown up for grabs at €3.1 million (~$3.5m).

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The most expensive comes from , which has a 2017 model in light silver and dark blue with a light brown interior listed for $4,058,000. And then there's Knight International.

The supercar broker is known for dealing in build slots, but has , already built, for offer at €2,999,999 (or about $3.4m). It isn't saying how many miles it has on it, or even what color it's in. But the kicker is that for the up for grabs as well at an undisclosed (but surely astronomical) price.


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