Volvo's New App Is Amazingly Simple Yet Brilliant

Safety Technology

What do you do after a car accident?

Getting into a car accident sucks, but Volvo has made major efforts to lower the chances of having a crash on the road. As part of the Swedish automaker's, Volvo has already created a on the road in order to alert drivers of dangerous road conditions.

Even if all of the safety precautions fail, Volvo owners can rest easy knowing the companyand that it has just introduced a new application to help drivers in the event of a crash.

It's called the Volvo Car Accident Advisor and it is the first mobile, post-accident experience that provides drivers with emergency services, post-crash checklists, guided accident documentation, digital insurance claims, and repair services. The system may not be on the cutting edge of technology (it's essentially just an app with a checklist) but it should be extremely helpful for Volvo drivers who have just been involved in a crash. Volvo says the system will be available on all 2015.5 and newer vehicles through the in-car SOS communications system. Even cars built before the 2015.5 model year can use the service free of charge by calling Car Customer Care at (800) 550-5658.

"For years, Volvo Cars has been immediately communicating with drivers and passengers as soon as a crash sensor is activated in the car to accelerate the emergency response process,” said Scott Doering, vice president of Customer Care for Volvo USA. "Now with Volvo Car Accident Advisor, the application can guide drivers on what to do next after the driver has confirmed to Volvo Customer Care that they are safe and without injury.”

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After the driver calls to confirm they are uninjured and do not need emergency services, they will be texted a link to a web application to guide them through the post-crash checklist. This includes capturing facts and photos of the accident scene, offering the option to digitally notify their insurance company, and searching for repair shops.

"In the event that an accident happens, we now have Volvo Car Accident Advisor that can walk Volvo Car owners through the entire process, from data gathering and insurance claim management all the way through collision repair. This program not only provides tremendous convenience, but will also help to ensure the car is repaired to Volvo Car’s stringent safety standards," Doering said.