Volvo's Already Sold More Cars This Year Than All Of The Last


The prodigal Comeback Kid speaks Swedish.

is in the midst of a resurgence. It has new products, technology, infrastructure... the works, all thanks to its new patrons at Geely. And it's already paying off.

With 582,096 vehicles sold around the world since the start of the year (89,437 of which were sold in the United States), the Chinese-owned Swedish automaker has already beaten its sales figures from all of last year – both globally and in the US. And it still has another month to go. If that's not a sign of its resurgence, we don't know what would be.

The US figure alone beats every full year of sales that Volvo has enjoyed in America in the past decade. Last year it sold 81,507 vehicles here. You'd have to go back to 2007 when it sold 106,213 units in the United States to find better results in the company's history – down from the all-time high of 139,067 it sold here in 2004. Barring some sort of miracle, it probably won't top that figure this year. But it looks like it's well on the way to beat it in the coming years – all the more so once the and brands hit their stride.

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“With November marking the eleventh month of consecutive year-over-year growth, we have already surpassed total 2017 sales by nearly eight thousand units,” said Volvo's US chief Anders Gustafsson. “We are well-poised to finish 2018 strong.”

The US isn't the only market to have grown this month, either. While sales to date so far this rose 24.5% in the US from last year, they also climbed 13.8% in China (to 118,725), 7.3% in Europe (to 288,369), and 25.6% in the rest of the world (to 85,565). That works out to a 13.5% increase across the board so far this year, or 8.3% growth from last month alone.