Vin Diesel Wants This Guy To Direct Furious 8

But will he want to direct Vin Diesel?

Back in 2001, an almost unknown director brought us a movie called "The Fast and The Furious." Rob Cohen was given job by Universal Pictures and expectations were modest. Vin Diesel also wasn’t a huge star back then, making Paul Walker the biggest name on the movie’s poster. Since then, there’ve been six more movies, over $3.5 billion taken in at the box office and, of course, Walker’s tragic death. Only a few days ago we reported that Universal was having a hard time finding a director for "Furious 8."

Rumor has it that Diesel, now a producer for the franchise as well, . Diesel responded to these reports by not only confirming that "Furious" movies were in the works to complete the "saga," but also that he was confident a director would be found. And now, according to Collider, Diesel would like to see Cohen back in the director’s chair. Considering that both Justin Lin (Furious 3-6) and James Wan (Furious 7) passed on Furious 8, going with the guy who helped launch the franchise 14 years ago would be a smart choice. Knowing Diesel, he’ll probably be the first to make some sort of official announcement. Furious 8 is expected to premiere in April 2017.

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