US Special Forces Will Soon Drive The Same Toyotas As ISIS


Only ours are going to be way better.

It’s no secret that terrorist organizations around the world, specifically ISIS in the Middle East, have a soft spot for Toyota trucks and SUVs. How come? Because those body-on-frame vehicles are tough as nails, fairly simple and cheap to repair, and are easy to get a hold of. In fact, that it was the US and Britain who, after sending "non-lethal aid" to the Free Syrian Army to fight ISIS, .

The Free Syrian Army was no match for ISIS on the battlefield and those vehicles became ISIS booty. But now, in something that’s the very definition of ironic, US Special Forces will soon receive modified commercial off-the-shelf Toyota Land Cruisers, Toyota Hilux crew-cab pickup trucks, Ranger light pickups. Military Aerospace reports that a company called Battelle Memorial Institute, based in Columbus, Ohio, has won a five-year, $170 million to take those vehicles and modify them with new armor, heavy-duty suspension and brakes, run-flat tires and wheels, vetronics, and communications equipment. Essentially, from the outside, the trucks won’t look very different from their stock counterparts.

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This is smart because it’ll allow US Special Ops forces to blend in with their surroundings and not become immediate targets. The contract calls for 556 vehicles and most of them will consist of the 76 and 79 Series Land Cruiser models. No word on how many Hilux and Ranger pickups will be purchased.



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