Unlike Fast And Furious, Baby Driver Actually Does Real Car Stunts


Hold off on the CGI, please.

There was a time when the focused on actual real stunt work for its car chase scenes. Today, however, mainly because of its global blockbuster status, many of those stunts have been replaced with CGI effects. Go watch the 2001 original and compare it to Fate of the Furious. You’ll see the differences instantly. So yeah, we miss real life car stunt work, and that’s . Set to , we’re already impressed with the trailer and its attempt at what seems like a coherent plot.

Oh, Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx also co-star. Needless to say we have some expectations here, and they just got even bigger with this latest car stunt focused featurette.

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Going behind the scenes, it’s clear the filmmakers took a more traditional approach to things. Heck, even the actors were sent to stunt driving school. Mad respect. CGI effects can stretch the imagination, but for us, regarding this film genre, nothing beats real life metal.