UK's RAF Uses Mazda MX-5 RF To Recruit Future Pilots

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RAF. RF. Close enough.

The Royal Air Force figured it could do without the “A” just this once, hence its decision to use the to help its latest recruitment drive. According to Mazda UK, the MX-5 RF attended 20 events and air shows last summer alongside the usual military aircraft. It also took part in a special publicity shoot involving a Chinook helicopter. The MX-5 RF, assigned to the Non-Commissioned Aircrew Recruiting Team at RAF College Cranwell in Lincolnshire, was painted in Soul Red with a unique livery in order to attract the most attention.

But honestly, how does an MX-5 RF convince young people to enlist? Well, somehow it’s working. “Peoples reaction to the car is normally where do I sign up! They are of course interested as to what the car has to do with a career in the RAF, but for us the RF has proven to be a great ice breaker, it encourages people who may have ordinarily walked by to stop and talk to us”, commented Flight Sergeant Liam Osmond, from the Non-Commissioned Aircrew Recruiting Team. Arranging for a photo shoot with that wicked cool Chinook helicopter also doesn’t hurt to attract positive attention, and hopefully for the RAF, the next generation of pilots.

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At the same time, the MX-5 RF features a Battle of Britain Memorial Flight livery as a tribute to the brave pilots that fought in the horrific World War II battle. The MX-5 RF will be displayed at the Imperial War Museum Duxford’s Remembrance Weekend Event in the next few days.