Top Gear Season 25 Teaser Has Arrived For Christmas


And here it is - on Boxing Day.

While everyone is watching the second season of The Grand Tour (assuming you have an Amazon Prime subscription), the BBC will soon air the 25th season of Top Gear. Set to premiere early next year, the new season has just been previewed in this Christmas Day trailer release. , Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid return after overall positive reviews of their debut season last year (let’s forget all about that one-season Chris Evans era). What can we see in this 30-second teaser?

The guys are doing their best to flee from police officer Ken Block, who’s behind the wheel of an extreme off-roader while the guys are driving a Ford Mustang GT, McLaren 570S, and a Jaguar F-Type. Guess who’s driving the sole American car here?

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Anyway, we don’t know much about the new season, other than this trailer and a . Big surprise there. We expect to hear a lot more from the BBC’s marketing department over the next few months as the Top Gear premiere date gets closer. But for now, enjoy the trailer.


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