This Yellow Lamborghini Countach Makes Us Long For The 80s


The "Lemmon" yellow paint Jordan Bellfort always wanted.

may not be on scene but that doesn't make this Lamborghini Countach any less awesome. Fortunately it isn't being crashed into a wall by Leonardo DiCaprio. ("The Wolf of Wall Street," anyone?) Nope, this raging bull is being properly driven by the lovely folks over at EVO Magazine. The retina-searing yellow and carbureted twelve-cylinder make us miss the coke fueled 80s. Though the Countach designers may have jump started that trend, as the original released in 1973, the this is a 1981 LP400S, one of only 82 series three models built.

It features a 4.0-liter V12 with six dual-flow Webber carburetors. EVO Magazine now invites you to ride shotgun in the legendary Countach and enjoy the sonorous chatter of Italian excess.

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