This Unique Black And Yellow Supercar Looks Insane


And can be yours for $343K.

When Mercedes-Benz introduced the SLR in 2005, the supercarlooked like nothing else on the road, and wasn’t liked by some enthusiasts. InDubai, supercars are extremely common, so the owner of this SLR turned to Hamann to work its magic on the supercar. This Hamann Volcano SLR is finished in anextremely bright yellow with carbon-fiber pieces for even more style. Power has been increased to 700 hp, which is good for a zero to 62 mph time of 3.6 seconds. The price for all of this craziness is a whopping $343K.

At the front of the Hamann Volcano SLR is a carbon-fibersplitter and a custom hood that is mostly finished in glossy carbon fiber. Othercustom touches for the outside of the supercar include flared wheel arches, amassive roof scoop, side skirts, matte black and yellow wheels, an enormous rearwing, as well as a rear diffuser. Modifications have also been made to thesupercar’s interior with lightweight racing seats, which are finished in black Alcantara with yellow contrast stitching. Yellow carbon-fiberparts are scattered throughout the interior as well. It’s no surprise that this supercaris on sale at Al Ain Class Motors in Dubai and will surely go to someone that wants to stick out from the crowd.

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