This Toyota Prius Ditched Batteries For An 800-HP Hellcat Engine


This is one of those naughty projects.

We’re used to seeing engine swaps, but nothing quite like this, at least in a long time. American Racing Headers figured it was time to into a second generation Toyota Prius. We’re honestly surprised the Prius didn’t rip in half the first time it was tested at the drag strip. Fortunately, it’s survived long enough to make an appearance on Jay Leno’s Garage, with the man himself taking it for a spin – but not before a drag race.

So what did this 800 hp Prius (it’s weird to even write that) go up against? Another Toyota Prius, only it was stock. Guess which car won. And make no mistake about it, this engine transplanted Prius is stupid fast. Like a 9.38-second quarter-mile sprint time, according to ARH.

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Yes, that’s . And you’ve likely guessed, ARH had to perform a number of other modifications to the car in order to handle its new engine. Heck, even its original chassis is gone. It’s been replaced by a custom-built double frame-rail chassis. Put it like this: this thing is only a Prius in name and outward appearance only; its guts have been completely cleaned out and replaced.


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