This Russian PT Cruiser Limo is Just Odd


Perfect for taking Sonya to the prom, or your next invasion of a neighboring nation.

The PT cruiser is one of those cars people either love, or hate. It was produced for 10 years, and was styled to resemble a classic hot rod, and that styling wasn't appreciated by everyone. The car was roomy enough for a small family, however one custom car agency in Russia felt the vehicle would serve as the perfect platform for a one off creation...a limousine. And not just any limo, but rather one designed to look like a horse drawn carriage.

Although we'll admit the craftsmanship looks top notch, the finished product is...well...original to say the least. Its been outfitted with carriage style external lighting, rather amazingly curved glass windows, a mini bar, and seating for what looks like six people. While it may not hold as many party goers as the normal stretch limo, it definitely makes a statement. Next time you have a special event, maybe you can forego the Lincoln or stretched Hummer and go with the Russian PT Cruiser. Or then again, maybe not.

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