This Rolls-Royce 6x6 Is The Most Insane Thing You'll See All Day


Is the six-wheel thing being taken a little too far here, or not far enough?

Ever since Mercedes revealed the , everyone has been going crazy over the six-wheel trend. Hennessey may have created the most badass competitor to the AMG 6x6 with the . People are even trying to create home-built 6x6 models with . Mercedes has clearly started a trend here, and we don't think that are going to stop anytime soon. This Indian rendering of a six-wheeled Rolls-Royce is the ultimate proof that this trend may be getting out of hand.

The sketches for the six-wheeled Rolls-Royce were drawn up by a designer by the name of . Obviously, this is just a design, so it doesn't really look production ready. However, we wouldn't be surprised if some very wealthy Rolls-Royce owner sees this and decides to build it. We couldn't really think of why anyone would want a six-wheeled Rolls-Royce, but the designer has already thought of that. The designer talks about Indian princes back in the 1920s, and how they had high demands from Rolls-Royce. The design for this six-wheeled car was inspired by the idea that these Indian princes would eventually get bored, and want to go off-roading in a manner that was still befitting of a royal.

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The designer talks about how the car combines a higher ride height with a coupe-like roof line. The car would keep its suicide rear doors, but would add two driven wheels for a total of four-wheel-drive. Unlike other six-wheeled creations, the front wheels would not be powered on this car. Clearly this car is just a designer's dream, but equally looks like something a crazy rich customer would go out of their way to build, just to be more unique than their friends.