This Mercedes-Benz Hypercar Would Sell Out In Days


Slap a $2 million price tag on it, and buyers will be lining up.

A handful of loyal, well-heeled, Mercedes customers , but we’re pretty sure that rendering artist Yicheng Fan wasn’t one of them. That said, his vision of a Mercedes hypercar doesn’t look half bad and would doubtless cause high-net worth individuals to part with six-figure deposits if they were told this was to be the next Silver Star. Similar to the avant-garde , the Behance designer’s concept has super low, super wide proportions with tiny slithers for headlights.

The windscreen seems to extend from the top of the bumper all the way to the rear, much like a helicopter canopy. The front grille features a ‘floating’ Mercedes three-pointed star, and comes flanked by huge air intakes indicating some oversized powerplant is lurking underneath. In the Project One, set to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, the engine will have monstrous power, 748 horsepower to be precise, but a relatively tiny engine in the shape of a 1.6-liter V6. It will, however, redline at 11,000 rpm, while four electric motors will work in tandem for a combined output of 1,020 hp.

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The rest of the car is typically cutting edge, with cameras replacing wing mirrors, a mean-looking rear diffuser, a vertical taillight, and a stripped-down track-focused interior. Expect to see more wild interpretations of Mercedes’ halo car leading up to its hotly-anticipated reveal in the fall.