This Is Why You'll Never Want To Wrap Your Car Again


The hypercar of peelable paint has arrived.

The advent of vinyl wraps took car customization to a new level. From enthusiasts on a budget to supercar owners gearing up for Gumball 3000, transforming a car’s aesthetic was suddenly made quick, easy and relatively affordable. PlastiDip and other peelable paints then came along offering a decent alternative, . But there’s a new product on the market that simply blows away everything that came before it. It’s called Autoflex and is essentially a high-end professional paint job that can be peeled away.

The hypercar of peelable paint, AutoFlex is perfect for professional body shops, paint shops, and custom shops looking for the finish of a high-end paint job at the price of a wrap. It's available in matte, satin or high gloss, and can be sanded, buffed, polished and waxed like standard clear coat.

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In short, it looks, feels and can be treated like automotive paint, is fuel and scratch resistant, and the high gloss is easily on par with that achieved by OEM paints. As well as looking far superior to vinyl wraps, AutoFlex doesn’t require seams, there’s no cutting, no adhesive, no lifting or curling or corners, and offers the ability to mix and make almost any color/finish you can think of. Check out the results at the and , while this insane color-changing Audi RS7 (that received a ZTN HyperShift Pearl in high gloss), courtesy of DipYourCar will give you an immediate taste of what this product is capable of.

AutoFlex Professional Coatings have been in the R&D stages for over three years, and the products are available to professionals around the world for purchase now.

The easiest place to find them is via the product’s . Alternatively, head to the , or track down a distributor internationally. Check out the AutoFlex Professional coatings video above if you’re a professional that wants a heads up regarding how to apply this awesome new product.



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