This Is Why Alfa Romeo Should Build Trucks


It'll never be made, but it doesn't look as out-of-place as you might think.

Alfa Romeo's , it makes them now (if you could consider the crossover to be a "truck”), and it could . But what if it did something altogether larger? Something like, say, a big-rig tractor-trailer? As unlikely as it may seem, it might look a little something like this.

Rendered by budding Korean designer and , this concept envisions the unusual prospect of an Alfa Romeo truck – the kind you might see hauling cargo down the highway, but with a bit of Italian flair thrown into the mix.

While we wouldn't count on such a vehicle being put into production, it wouldn't be entirely out of left field, either. Through its parent company, Alfa Romeo was once corporately allied to Iveco – one of Europe's largest truck manufacturers. The two were separated when Fiat Chrysler spun its heavy-equipment divisions off into CNH Industrial, but they're all still majority-owned by Exor, the Agnelli family's holding company, in a move not unlike the separation of Ferrari. And if Maranello can help Alfa develop engines (like the one in the ), we suppose Iveco could help it make a truck, too.

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As pie-in-the-sky as it may be, though, we kinda dig the enlarged adaptation of Alfa Romeo's signature shield-shaped grille, covering almost the entire fascia of the truck's design, and repeated in the stamping of the rear bulkhead. And while purists may balk, the cloverleaf emblems (and red paintjob) lend it an air of authenticity as well.

Push come to shove, it's a convincing design, so kudos to its creator. The Alfa-sponsored Sauber racing team would surely make its presence felt around the grand-prix paddock if it hauled its F1 cars and equipment around in a truck like this.