This Is What The C8 Corvette's V8 Sounds Like

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America's new supercar killer?

Now that Chevrolet has told the world it will , it doesn’t see the need to keep prototypes hidden away. They’re now being regularly tested on public roads and highways, and that gives us the chance to see, or in this case, hear more details. This newly released video was shot by Ace1260 in the Detroit, Michigan area and it shows a going out for a highway spin.

Its driver, however, apparently had enough of the highway and was making a break for the nearest exist. Fortunately, that’s when Ace1260 caught up, rolled down his window, and pressed ‘Record’. The result? A burbling V8 at near wide-open throttle. Of course, that V8 is now located midship.

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Furthermore, there’s no way this prototype’s engine could be a twin-turbo V8, another rumored C8 engine. It sounds exactly like a GM V8. More than likely, the C8 will launch with an updated version of the current 6.2-liter LT1 V8. Output will likely increase to around 500 hp and the engine will be re-branded as LT2. If you pay attention, you’ll hear the near instant gear drop, courtesy of the automatic transmission. And speaking of transmission, the C8 will be the first Corvette generation ever not to offer a manual transmission.

The C8 will continue shattering tradition with an eventual twin-turbo variant along with an electrified powertrain. Don’t expect an all-electric Vette anytime soon, but GM has every intention to add electric motors to the front and/or rear axles at some point down the line. Combined with new internal combustion engines, such as another naturally aspirated V8 still in development, the C8 may one day produce anywhere from . For now, we’re just happy the C8 will continue with an NA V8. And boy, does it sound good.