This Is What The Alfa Romeo 4C Looks Like Inspired By Adidas


That's a wrap, folks!

We are in the golden age of car wraps. to spectacular heat-sensitive , customizing a car's skin today is limited only by imagination. Garage Italia Customs is the latest to push the boundaries of what’s possible with its snakeskin wrap inspired by the and applied to an Alfa Romeo 4C.

Created in collaboration with fashion company Italia Independent, the design was originally meant for the special variants of the X15 and Ace 16 football boots included in the Deadly Focus Pack as part of Adidas’ Limited Collection range. Given Garage Italia Customs founder, Lapo Elkann, had a hand in the design he decided to see how it’d look on a car. Using an Alfa Romeo 4C for his canvas was an excellent choice. The composite body, wrapped over a carbon-fiber monocoque chassis, has a 237-hp 1.75-liter turbo-four mated to a rapid twin-clutch transmission at its heart. And with this wild wrap, this serious little sports car now has the show to match the go

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