This Is The Correct Pronunciation Of Porsche Taycan


We guarantee that you've been saying it wrong.

Set to debut by the end of the year, what was . In case you've been wondering how to pronounce the exotic name, that question has been answered in this new Porsche teaser video. Drumroll please…it’s pronounced “Tie-Kahn.” Yes, we've been saying "Tay-Kan" too. The video’s primary focus is to emphasize that it’s possible for an all-electric vehicle, at least built by Porsche, to have a “soul.”

For 70 years, Porsche has literally helped to define what it means for a sports car, sedan, and SUV to be much more than just four wheels, an engine, and a hunk of metal. The thrill of driving has always been one of Porsche’s greatest achievements, evident in both its track and road cars.

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But EVs are an entirely new realm. The sound of an internal combustion engine is gone, replaced by… something? And that right there is the challenge Porsche claims it has achieved with its upcoming Taycan. On paper, its specs sure sound amazing. With around 600 hp on hand, the Taycan will reportedly be capable of hitting 62 mph in under 3.5 seconds. The base model doesn’t sound so shabby either with a reported 402 hp. Combined with a 311-mile range per charge, the Taycan, like the Tesla Model S, will be a totally suitable daily driver and long distance hauler (provided the charging network is in place). The video also reveals a few seconds worth of teaser Taycan images, specifically its rear taillights and silhouette.