This Is The C8 Corvette We Wish Chevy Designed


Questions will be answered on July 18.

We already have a very good idea what the C8 Corvette will look like. , , and Chevrolet’s own last month have all made it quite clear what to expect when the . But we know some of you are somewhat disappointed by what you’ve seen. Forget for a moment the fact the Corvette is ditching its front-engine design for a mid-engine layout; from some angles the C8 doesn’t look exotic enough. Especially when compared to other mid-engined sports cars like the McLaren 570S.

Chevrolet engineers and designers have long wanted to take the Corvette upmarket to compete against some of the world’s best supercars. Going mid-engine was necessary to do that.

But the C8’s design, at least from what’s been shown, seems to lack exoticness. This rendering created by HanbinDesign, via , is more of what we had in mind. Not only does it look more aggressive, it has the exotic look we think is lacking based on the aforementioned spy shots. Then again, we could be entirely wrong. Chevy could have added fake body panels here and there to alter the C8’s lines just enough to throw us.

This rendering, however, is pretty much our dream C8. Looking a bit more compact along with widened rear wheel arches, a simpler hood design, and lots of aggressive aero, this C8 may still be possible one day.

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Remember, the C8 we’ll be seeing in July will probably only be the "base” model, meaning the Stingray. There will surely be a new Z06, ZR1, and, perhaps, the Zora. Chevy officials have clarified the C8 has been engineered for a fairly long life cycle, meaning there’ll be improvements, facelifts, etc. along the way. Electrification is also expected down the line, though the C8 won’t be a pure-electric. Perhaps this stunning rendering is a preview of what’s yet to come.



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