This Is Our First Glimpse Of The BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe Running Wild

Spy Video

Why buy an M3 once the gorgeous M2 Gran Coupe is out?

There’s no reason why a company with any sense of self-interest would want to make a lower-tier model that has the potential to cut into sales of a more expensive car that it already makes, but . The fact that the German auto giant cast aside logic when it decided to make the 2 Series Gran Coupe (which should inevitably spawn an M2 Gran Coupe to eat up M3 sales) makes this car that much better. Yes, a two-door M2 is awesome but we'd have no problem with a compact four-door version either.

Here we see a camouflaged prototype testing around the Nurburgring confirming to us that it may be here sooner than we thought.

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