This Is Our Best Look Yet At Rimac’s New Game-Changing Hypercar EV

Not long to wait now.

Rimac rarely needs an introduction any more. The Croatian company hit the headlines last year after the Concept_One, i.e. the world’s first electric hypercar, . Unfortunately, the car was completely destroyed in the accident, which meant there was now one less example of the limited-production hypercar in the world, but the automaker’s appearance on the show has done wonders for its publicity. Everyone now knows Rimac.

Anyone who’s been behind the wheel of a Concept_One will testify its mind-bending performance, so it’s hard to comprehend how Rimac can improve on this. We’ll find out next week, because Rimac will be revealing its highly-anticipated successor to the Concept_One at the Geneva Motor Show, which promises to be a . So far, Rimac has released a few , but this new teaser trailer posted on is much more revealing. Granted, the car shown is CGI, but it still gives us a clearer idea of what the Concept_Two (its tentative title until an official name is confirmed) will look like.

We get a clear shot of the front-end, showing that the design will be an evolution of the Concept_One. The front lip is more prominent and there's also a larger grille, giving the car a more aggressive appearance compared to the Concept_One. It also has wider hips and an active rear spoiler. Details are still scarce, but reports suggest the Concept_Two will have a better range than its 210-mile predecessor, and will be larger, more comfortable, and more expensive. Production will be limited to 100 units. The Concept_One produces 1,073-hp, 1,180 lb-ft of torque, and can hit 0-62 mph 2.6 seconds, so we can’t wait to see if its successor can beat the .

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