This Is How You Drift A Ford F-150 Raptor Around The Ring


When life hands you rain, you go drifting in a Raptor.

Professional Funhaver Vaughn Gittin Jr. was bored. So he went all the way over to Germany to shoot some video of his 900-hp Mustang RTR on the Nurburgring, but the rain, rain would not go away, which made him sad. But then he thought, ‘Hey, since a Mustang in the rain is boring, let’s go play in a .’ With cameras on the truck, in the truck, by the track and on drones in the air, Gittin Jr. proceeded to his way around the famed track.

Setting what could well be the new slowest , the results, as you can see below, are glorious.

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Not only does it look like piles of giggling fun, it is hilarious and awesome to see the suspension soaking up the punishment like a champ, and just how unstable the thing is getting tossed around on a track.

It’s not the first time Ford and Gittin have taken a break from the serious work of videos to have some fun; last fall they made a cooking show spoof of cooking a turkey with their chosen smoker, the Mustang RTR. Keep having’ fun, Vaughn.