This Is How We Configured Our Dream Ferrari GTC4Lusso


The possibilities are endless.

When Ferrari dropped the gorgeous GTC4Lusso at the Genevea Motor Show earlier this month, the automaker decided to disguise the supercar’s design by only having on display. While there’s nothing wrong with gray, a supercar like this deserves a color that highlights . Now Ferrari has put a configurator up so you can spend hours creating the ultimate GTC4Lusso. It may not be the prettiest car in Ferrari’s stable, but with the right color it’s gorgeous.

If you plan to explore the GTC4Lusso on Ferrari’s website, get ready to spend an absurd amount of time because there are 26 exterior color options, 15 interior colors, and other absurd amount of things to play with. With these many colors and options to choose from, it’s highly unlikely that two GTC4Lussos will be exactly the same, but ours has to be the perfect one. We went for Blu Mirabeau on the outside, with 20-inch forged diamond rims, gold brake calipers and “Scuderia Ferrari” shields because we can. On the inside, brown wasn’t special enough, so we went with Rosso Ferrari red for the seats and on the dashboard. To really make the interior pop, we had to get a yellow rev counter. Let us know what your GTC4Lusso looks like in the comments.

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