This Guy Is The Homer Simpson Of Drunk Driving



Of course doing donuts in your car is a good time, but it’s not something the cops will like. Point being, they’ll probably put an immediate end to the fun if you get caught. But that didn’t stop James Fiebelkorn of Randolph, New York. Last Tuesday, Fiebelkorn got busted for doing donuts in the middle of Randolph’s main street. A drunken Fiebelkorn was caught and arrested, charged with a DWI and issued other tickets for his shenanigans. He was released to a third sober party later that day. And then he did it all again the next day.

Police were called after neighbors saw Fiebelkorn doing donuts in his car, this time in his own yard, in order to get rid of the grass, subsequently flinging the mess into his neighbor’s property. He was arrested again and this time charged with fourth-degree mischief. Because he didn’t put up the $2,000 bail, he was sent to jail. And yes, that’s him smirking in both mugshots, taken two days in a row. Perhaps Fiebelkorn was simply celebrating National Doughnut Day, which took place last Friday.

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