This Ford Focus RS Owner Had His Engine Lock Up At Just 20k Miles

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An engine that burns coolant is not good.

Only a few days ago we learned that there’s a . Specifically, coolant gets into the combustion chamber and burns while the engine runs cold. This causes a white exhaust smoke, among other issues. Ford is aware of the problem, which typically begins at around the 6,000 mile mark. However, Ford has yet to come up with a solution to this serious issue. For one Focus RS owner, who you’ll learn more about in the video below, his engine locked up after 20,000 miles.

So, what’s causing this, and how did Ford not discover this problem before the cars went on sale? Valid questions indeed, but the owner clearly did the right thing and had the car towed to his local Ford dealer where a technician disassembled the engine.

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What they found was extraordinary. The engine not only had a blown head gasket but also a warped head and a warped deck of the block. This level of warpage put the engine out of spec. Ford rightly realized the engine had to be replaced, so it sent a completely new long block. There’s more to the story in the video, but Ford has really messed up here. Along with potential Lemon Law lawsuits, it seems to have a faulty block design on its hands, which then caused that head gasket to ultimately fail.


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