This Ford Focus Coupe Should Totally Become A Reality


Why should the Civic coupe have the segment to itself?

Anyone remember the Ford ZX2 coupe? Yes, it was basically a late ‘90s Escort with a sportier flare. A real sports? Not even close, but given it was an Escort at its core, it wasn’t half bad. But as we all know today, coupes are a dying breed, and the Honda Civic coupe is one of the few survivors. We’ve just been introduced to the , consisting of several hatchback trims and a sedan, but, of course, no coupe. Heck, we’ve long known Ford wasn’t planning one, but what if it did?

Better yet, what if it were to be given the next generation Focus ST’s power plant? Rendering artist has created this new image of an imagined 2019 Focus coupe and it looks pretty darn wicked. Yes, it does remind us, somewhat, of the , but this rendering’s lines are smoother, less jagged. Makes sense considering the artist used the 2019 Focus as a starting point. Now, let’s take our imaginations a step further; what if Ford (if) decided to do such a coupe and not only gave it the ST treatment, but the next gen RS fixings as well. .

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Sure, it wouldn’t offer the cargo convenience of the hatchback, but this sleek coupe is begging to be built – especially if given the right engines. But we all ought to stop dreaming now. The front-wheel drive compact coupe market is essentially dead. The Nissan Altima coupe? Gone. Kia Forte Koup? Ditto. The Civic, it seems, is the sole survivor. In the meantime, expect the next generation Focus ST to arrive in the not too distant future, while the next Focus RS is probably not too far behind as well. Remember, this is the last model year for the current gen Focus RS, so if you want one, get moving. As far as this rendered coupe? Keep dreaming.



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