This Fake Lamborghini Diablo Doesn't Look Half Bad

For Sale

You like? It's for sale.

We’ve seen over the years and most of them, in a word, . Anyone who knows anything about cars could tell they were fakes from the moment they saw them. And then there are some, such as this fake Lamborghini Diablo, that look pretty darn good. The fact that it's green helps. But it takes a more experienced eye to immediately identify said fakeness. Up for sale on is this fake Lamborghini Diablo GT Final Edition by Parallel Designs.

For a price of 37,500 GBP, roughly $50,000, this “Diablo” comes powered by a BMW-sourced 5.0-liter V12 paired to a six-speed manual transmission sourced from Audi. Okay, so far so decent. It has just 1,700 miles and we’re assuming those were all put on once the build was completed. The ad is, unfortunately, a bit vague when it comes to specifics like that. It does mention, however, the engine was stripped and rebuilt before it was installed in the fake Lambo. Speaking of which, nowhere does it mention the source of the chassis. Was it custom-built or taken from a donor car? Parallel Designs does write the chassis consist of a “semi-spaceframe design with integral central backbone providing excellent strength and rigidity.”

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The body was made from molds taken from a real Diablo, so its overall dimensions are, for the most part, accurate. Parallel Designs will also include a decent amount of paperwork with the sale, photos of which we’ve included here. Riding on a set of 18-inch wheels with black gloss rims, the car also features a sound system and an “Alcantara SV Diablo interior with black sport seats with pump up lumbar support.” This fake Diablo is reportedly road worthy and ready for a new owner anxious to pretend they own a Lamborghini. Photos courtesy of lacombay1/eBay.