This (Crossover) is the Best-Selling Cop Car in America


Catching bad guys today requires a vehicle that can carry lots of stuff.

Forget the Ford Crown Victoria. It’s been retired after all. The Taurus Interceptor was its replacement, but even that sedan has proven to be no match against the Explorer Interceptor, which has just been named as the best-selling cop car in America. Beating out the likes of the Dodge Charger and Chevrolet Caprice as well as its Taurus platform mate, the Explorer Interceptor, according to Ford, sold some 14,086 units last year alone – a 140 percent increase from 2012.

For a direct comparison, Ford sold 10,897 Taurus Interceptors in 2013, a 31 percent boost from the previous year. So why are police departments across the US opting for the Explorer over the Taurus? More cargo space, duh! Ford says that police now require more equipment than ever. Whether they’re on the lookout for speeding soccer moms or even suspected terrorists, a big crossover like the Explorer, especially with its all-wheel-drive and turbocharged engines, will make the job that much more efficient. Even Chevy is now prepping a new SUV to compete against the Explorer Interceptor. Catching bad guys today seems to require vehicles that can carry lots of stuff.

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