This BMW Isetta Dragster Could Kill You


The BMW Isetta may have originally started out lif as a bubble car, but strap on a Chevy big block V8 with 730 horsepower and you've got another beast entirely.

When one think of the , images of that dufus TV character Steve Urkel often appear. Yes, he drove an Isetta so it's not exactly the car you'd want to be seen in. Until now, perhaps. Originally a 1959 Isetta, someone had the brilliant idea of turning it into a dragster by attaching a supercharged Chevy 502 cu in big block V8 with 730 horsepower mated to a two-speed manual. Called "Whatta Drag" (you get it?), it features forced induction and shoots four foot long flames from the rear exhaust.

The builders kept its Bavarian heritage by giving it an M3 suspension system complete with dual circuit disc brakes. There are five spoke chrome wheels up front and an 18-inch racing wheels out back. All told, the thing has a length of 12 ft. 4 inches. And yes, that massive Hot Wheels-inspired rear wing looks awesome. The Isetta "Whatta Drag" was built back in 2005 and was commissioned by micro car collector Bruce Weiner. It was directly inspired by a classic Hot Wheels die-cast toy car. But the best part is that it's up for sale at RM Auctions with an expected price of somewhere between $75,000 and $100,000.

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