The Volkswagen GTI Better Watch Out If The New Veloster Looks THIS Good


We hope that the new Veloster N looks as good as this rendering.

Hyundai got us all excited for the big reveal of the first model from its high-performance N Division. The i30 N actually . The hot hatch looks stylish and has a nice interior, and has a six-speed manual transmission only. We think that the i30 N would be a Golf GTI in the US. The only problem is that Hyundai won't bring it to the US. The i30 name has no brand equity in the US, so clearly Hyundai needs to turn the i30 N into something that Americans are familiar with.

We've speculated that Hyundai may , which is what the i30 is sold as in the US. However, it seems like the possibility of an Elantra N is actually quite small. In fact, the Veloster is the most likely candidate to be the first US market N model. Hyundai realized its mistakes with the Veloster Turbo and put it on a . In all likelihood, Hyundai stopped building the Veloster so that it could retool the factory for a much sportier new model. After seeing several , it seems like the Veloster N is going to happen. This car would likely borrow the drivetrain from the i30 N that we love so much.

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The Veloster's styling has always been divisive within the car community, but we've always been fans of the quirky three-door hatchback. Rendering group KKS Studio took a shot at imagining what the new Veloster N could look like. The design is much smoother than the current Veloster, and we absolutely love the two-tone paint scheme. The big wheels and more aggressive spoiler make it look like a hot hatchback to be reckoned with. The Veloster has always been an interesting looking car, but Hyundai's N Division will finally give it driving characteristics that match its outrageous looks.



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