The Toyota Supra Is (Almost) Back


One more teaser before Toyota pulls the veil off the new sports car in Detroit.

If there's ever been a debut as highly anticipated as it has been ramped up, surely it's the upcoming return of the .

The resurgent Japanese sports car has been previewed in what seems like an endless stream of concept cars, teaser images, and even . Soon that painstaking process of laying the groundwork for its arrival will all be over when Toyota pulls the veil off the finished product two weeks from now, on January 14 at the – but not before it entices us with at least one more preview clip.

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Showing as little as it does of the actual car up close, the video provides more of a glimpse at the spirit that's driven the Supra's development and the temperament it will display once revealed. The clip shows the all-new model hammering its way around the Fuji Speedway – two-time host of the Japanese Grand Prix and battlefield for all manner of other racing cars, from Super GT to Le Mans prototypes.

One of Japan's most famous racing circuits, then, seems like a suitable playground for the Supra – a nameplate that's long been missing from the automotive landscape.

The Supra name first appeared on a version of the Celica in the late 1970s and yielded three more iterations until its demise around the turn of the millennium.

Enthusiasts have clamored for its revival ever since, prompting Toyota to roll out a succession of concepts over the past decade-. But the wait will soon be over as the new Supra, stemming from a joint development program with BMW's new Z4, is about to make its big debut. And as much as we've seen of it so far, we're looking forward to pouring over its full specs and the depth of its design.



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