The Redesigned 2021 Lincoln MKC Receiving Completely New Name


The ditching of the three-letter naming strategy continues.

Why do some current Lincolns have actual names, such as Continental and Navigator, while others have three-letter monikers, like MKC and MKZ? That’s exactly what Lincoln management asked itself not too long ago, and the decision was made to switch to conventional names going forward. That also means re-naming models with three-letter badges. According to , the will become the Corsair when the redesign arrives in 2020 as a 2021 model.

Apparently, dealerships have already been shown the final production model, as well as that of the next Ford Escape, Explorer, the battery-electric Mach 1 crossover, another new small off-road SUV (the new Bronco??) and even a Continental sedan with suicide doors. Sources say the name ‘Corsair’ may not be final, but the MKC name is definitely out. Apparently, Lincoln believes the MK nomenclature, which it’s been using for the past decade, is confusing for customers. Even we have to admit an entire vehicle lineup with ‘MK’ at the beginning of their names can be hard to remember which is which.

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To hopefully counteract declining MKC sales, the crossover will receive a refresh for 2019 (pictured here) featuring several new technologies and a redesigned mesh grille. That will hopefully steady the ship until the Corsair goes on sale. Interestingly, the MKC is the brand’s best-seller in China. In the US, it’s managed to attract more buyers from rivals, namely Cadillac and Lexus, than any other Lincoln.