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The One-77 Is Still The Most Expensive Aston Martin On The Market - Cartownhack-
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The One-77 Is Still The Most Expensive Aston Martin On The Market

The 750-hp limited-edition supercar still commands big bucks.

Only 77 units of the ultra-exclusive, utterly gorgeous, Aston Martin One-77 were ever made. And from the few examples we’ve come across down the years, we’d bet that each one is unique. We recently saw . Described as “museum kept” with just 730 miles on the clock, the stunning Aviemore Pearl One-77 with a blue and white stitched interior is one of the best examples of the 750-horsepower Aston in the world.

This latest example is arguably even rarer, as it’s just one of seven cars to have been given the ‘Q by Aston Martin’ treatment. Finished in grey with red carbon accents and a red-and-black interior, the One-77 has just over 550 miles on the clock and also looks to be in immaculate condition. At the time of its arrival, the One-77 was the fastest car Aston Martin ever produced, thanks to its 7.3-liter, naturally aspirated V12 that enables the exotic to reach 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds and a top speed of 220 mph. It has since been superseded by the , while the when it arrives sometime next year.

However, if you have the cash – somewhere in the $3 million price range should be enough – Dubai dealer Alain Class Motors will be happy to sell you one of the finest cars of this century and a future classic.

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