The Next Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe Still Looks Like The BMW X6

Spy Shots

German automakers copying one another? It's nothing new.

We already know Mercedes-Benz is hard at working developing the , the arch rival of the BMW X5. This also means Mercedes is prepping a new GLE Coupe, which goes head to head with the BMW X6. Our spy photographers just caught the new GLE Coupe out testing and - surprise! - it still somewhat resembles the X6. Clearly Mercedes will apply its own design language, but the similarities between the outgoing generation GLE Coupe and X6 are striking.

We know the next generation X6 will arrive soon, but , it’s pretty clear BMW is taking an evolutionary styling direction with influence from the just launched X4. Mercedes, for its part, doesn’t appear to be planning to dramatically change the looks of its new GLE Coupe either. Our sources tell us that the new GLE Coupe will mirror all of the engine options that we’ll be seeing in the regular GLE SUV. This includes high performance AMG versions and, more than likely, a plug-in hybrid option. Based on the images of the prototype seen here, it looks like it’s pretty close to being production ready.

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Obviously the final design is locked down, so all that’s left is some fine tuning and other engineering adjustments. More than likely, the new GLE SUV will debut first, likely sometime this fall. Our guess is the LA Auto Show in November. The new GLE Coupe, meanwhile, will probably arrive a year or so later. We can't wait to do a shot-by-shot photo comparison between it and the new X6.



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