The Next-Generation Tesla Model S Could Look Like This


The styling is inspired by the Tesla Roadster concept's design language.

It’s hard to believe the Tesla Model S has been around for six years now. In fact, the original design dates back to 2009 when the Model S Concept was introduced. Both the Model S and Model X will be getting a facelift in Q3 2019 . Unfortunately, this means new next-generation versions of both models are likely still a few years away.

It’s not a very ideal situation as Tesla will soon face some stiff competition in the EV segment from major automakers like Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Porsche . Tesla will need to come back fighting, and render artist has envisioned what the next-generation Tesla Model S could look like. Inspired by the , the EV render looks more aggressive than the current model to help Tesla fight off its future rivals thanks to its more aerodynamic exterior.

Aero efficiency was a key part of the design to complement the electric sedan's blistering acceleration. A front splitter, side skirts and a rear diffuser reduces the car’s drag coefficient, while a sweeping roofline and an abundance of aero surfaces reduce its energy consumption.

It’s still easily recognizable as a Tesla, however, thanks to its C-shaped front laser lights and rear chrome element that connects the C-shaped rear OLED lights, as well as a stylish panoramic roof. According to the artist, this hypothetical Model S also comes equipped with full Level 5 autonomous driving technology, which could be a reality by the time the next-generation Model S eventually rolls out.

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Husmen has also imagined the next Model S with an “intelligent traction system” that allows users to choose between FWD, RWD or AWD thanks to its dual engines. Inside, the designer has added a massive curved 19-inch OLED screen mounted to the dash, a digital gauge cluster, and a customizeable OLED screen on the steering wheel.